Monday, September 19, 2016

Textile Sketches: Sheer Neutrals

For my small textile sketches, I create self imposed limitations. This series of sketches was inspired by Leonardo di Vinci's sketchbook.  The sketch is of explosive canon balls so I wanted to use materials in complete opposition to this. The above sketch is bead work on transparent organza. I had to plan the embroidery carefully as the back side shows through to the front side.

This one uses silk fibers, bamboo rods and beads.

I made my own springs by winding wire over a pencil.

And here,I'm using mulberry paper and beads.

Water Sketch

My next project is related to water again and I'm contacting major players so stay tuned for more.

In addition to making textile sketches, I'm learning to make video sketches. Stitching videos together is similar to stitching textiles. Both require and investment of time and patience. So far, my gear is pretty low tech. I'm using my cell phone to capture sound and video.